Friday, March 24, 2017

Hiking Walworth and Jefferson Counties on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail

The hills, eskers, and kettes of the Southern Kettle Moraine area drew me in. I hiked over slippery ice, through rain and fog, and on days with frigid temperatures...I couldn't get enough. The quiet enveloped me. Winter in Southern Wisconsin is truly a magical time.

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail (IAT) meanders more than 1,100 miles across, up, and down Wisconsin along trails and country roads. It passes through trail towns, forests, prairies, wetlands, and oak savannas. Given this variety and the glacial geology, the trail provides a never ending feast for they eyes and fills the ears with the calls of sandhill cranes, geese, songbirds, and, yes, even traffic. It is only on a cold winter's day, that true quiet is found. The portion of the trail that passes through Walworth and Jefferson Counties is no exception.

I combined my hikes through these counties into a video that showcases the beauty and terrain of each segment through Jefferson and Walworth County:

For details on each segment of the IAT through Walworth and Jefferson Counties, click the following links:

Clover Valley Segment
Connecting Route from the Clover Valley Segment to the Whitewater Lake Segment
Whitewater Lake Segment
Blackhawk Segment
Blue Spring Lake Segment

I really loved hiking this section of the Ice Age trail during winter. The beauty and solitude of the outdoors in wintertime is still, peaceful, and awesome! That's all for now...let's get outdoors and keep our wild places wild!

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