What is this blog about?

Like to hike, paddle, or camp? Stop by Mama’s Basecamp. Mama’s Basecamp is a blog created for your entertainment. In the process of entertaining, Mama’s Basecamp provides helpful tips to enhance your outdoor adventures. Come on by to talk camp eats, camping with kids, hiking, canoe tripping, section hiking the 1,100+ mile (1,770+ km) Ice Age National Scenic Trail, and more.

About Mama (a.k.a. Base Camper)


An engineer, writer, and outdoor enthusiast, Mama lives for the solitude and beauty of nature. Before saying “I do” at age 40, Mama backpacked the trails of the American Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest. Today, her time in nature still provides solitude and beauty. It also provides opportunities to forge deeper connections with family and friends. 

Mama is not a speed hiker, top mile-maker, ultra-lighter, the owner of the greatest gear collection in the universe, or a record-holder of any kind. Just a working mom who loves her family and loves the great outdoors including canoeing, hiking, backpacking and camping adventures. Mama is also section hiking the 1100+ mile (1770 km) Ice Age National Scenic Trail with two simple goals in mind. To enjoy the trail, and to eventually someday finish. 

When the nature bug bites, it bites hard. Have you been bitten? Join Mama for tips, stories, and trip reports as we share our passion for the outdoors in large and small doses.

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