Sunday, February 5, 2017

Eagle Segment of the Ice Age Trail

After parking in the Ice Age Trail trailhead parking area on State Highway 67 just north of Eagle, Wisconsin, I headed up the Eagle Segment of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (IAT). An owl hooted as I hurried down the trail trying to warm myself against the cold. 

After walking across a boardwalk, I hiked into an open area and passed the spur trail to some springs before continuing across a gravel road and up to a scenic overlook. While I chose not to explore the springs, a short time later I did follow a spur trail to a scenic overlook. Only a few yards off the IAT, the scenic overlook is worth checking out as it provides views of the surrounding countryside from all directions.

Frosty brush along the IAT.

Scenic view along the Eagle Segment of the IAT.

Here comes the sun!

I continued to follow the trail past Brady's Rocks, a dolomite outcropping and the site where the Brady homestead once stood. This outcropping may be further explored by following a spur trail. 

Brady's Rocks.

On the Eagle Segment of the IAT.

Snow nest.

I followed the IAT briefly through a wooded area onto an expansive stretch of low lying prairie. After reaching Wilton Road, I followed the road for a short stretch and entered a partly wooded, partly open area of trail that led to County Highway N. 

Along the Eagle Segment of the IAT.

Broken trees making an arch over the trail near County Highway N.

After crossing County Highway N, I was greeted by an expansive view of a wide prairie. After marveling at the view from a well-placed bench, I followed the trail across the wide prairie until I eventually came to a gravel road.

Caw, Caw!

Overlooking the bed of what once was glacial Lake Scuppernong.

The frigid weather did not keep this stream from moving.

Yellow blaze, frozen water.

The trail then followed a gravel road to State Highway 59 when the Eagle Segment ends and the Stony Ridge Segment begins. That's all for now, let's get outdoors and keep our wild places wild!

The gravel road where the Eagle Segment ends and the Stony Ridge Segment begins.

Eagle Segment of the IAT.

Total Distance Covered -  11.2 miles (18 km) total,  5.6 miles (9 km) one way. 

Difficulty - Easy with a a couple of easy to moderate hills.

Trail Conditions - Blazed and well traveled trails. Cold, 5°F (-15C).

Highlights -  Views of the surrounding glacial terrain.

Total Ice Age Trail Miles to Date - Total official trail distance completed  257 miles (414 km).

Amenities - Natural spring.

Location - IAT trailhead parking on Wisconsin State Highway 67 just north of Eagle, WI.

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