Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Ice Age Trail

The 1,000+ mile (1,609 km) Ice Age Trail beckons from the covers of the Ice Age Trail Guide 2014 and Ice Age Trail Atlas 2014. Who wouldn't be drawn to the footpath portrayed on each book-cover. Lined by cool ferns, it meanders through serene deciduous forest. The Ice Age Trail zig zags across Wisconsin, tracing the edges of the last glaciation, heading both north-south and east-west.

Have you done some hiking in Wisconsin? Page through the guide book and atlas, and you're sure to recognize bits and pieces of the Ice Age Trail you've hiked. Mini-slices of the Ice Age Trail pie. The Ice Age Trail - incomplete, alive, alluring with the promise of blue waters and pastoral vistas.

The trail beckons. My husband purchased these fantastic books as a Christmas gift, and I can't stop opening them to dream of future hikes. Although a thru hike is out of the question given my responsibilities as a parent and a maker of mortgage payments, a go at a section hike remains a distinct possibility.  I look at the books on my end table, and I want to say...yes!

Table Bluff Segment, April 6, 2014
West Bluff, Devil's Lake Segment, October 12, 2014
Boardwalk, Devil's Lake Segment, December 22, 2014

For more information on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, check out the Ice Age Trail Alliance's website. The website offers a map of the Ice Age Trail, information about the landscape and geology, trail conditions, backpacking and camping information, hike planning guidance, and more. The Ice Age Trail Guidebook and Atlas are also sold on the website. These references invaluable if you plan to hike the Ice Age Trail.

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