Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reliving This Year's Favorite Outdoor Memories - New Years Eve 2014

Mastering new skills.
Finally getting our family out camping after the longest, coldest winter we can remember.
Fun times camping with cousins and friends.
The excitement of spotting deer, ducklings, goslings, and herons on Nickajack Lake, TN.
Our daughter learning to catch fish on her own.
Celebrating Fourth of July weekend in the Sylvania Wilderness.
Sharing our love for camping and paddling with our cousins.

Making family memories out with Dad's new Prospector 17.
Our week in the Boundary Waters.
Listening to the haunting calls of loons echoing across misty lakes.
Exploring Wisconsin's Lakes and Rivers.
Watching someone special begin to enjoy the satisfaction of doing things herself.

Magical sunrises and sunsets.

Watching the leaves turn.
Learning to love the beauty and solitude of winter trails.

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