Sunday, December 11, 2016

Storrs Lake Segment of the Ice Age Trail

The Storrs Lake Segment of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (IAT) runs 1.9 well-blazed miles (3 km) through the Storrs Lake Wilderness Area with designated parking areas at both ends. Starting from the IAT parking area on N Bowers Lake Road, this short segment briefly follows and then crosses N Bowers Lake Road. The trail meanders through a hilly wooded area for a short time, then follows Bowers Lake until heading through the trees to the parking area on E Storrs Lake Road.

I had intended to hike this segment a couple weeks ago when I hiked the Milton Segment. That day, the fog and my seeing a number of hunters with rifles motivated me to delay the segment. Due to the delay, I enjoyed hiking on a colder day and ran into no other hikers hunters on this typically busy trail.

Trailhead at the parking area on N Bowers Road.

IAT along N Bowers Road.

 Storrs Lake Segment of the IAT.

Along the cornfield on the Storrs Lake Segment of the IAT.

What an incredible treat, this short trail hike felt super after spending the majority of the past few hikes road walking. The snow frosted trees and branches looked magical along the quiet trail. Views of Bowers Lake and watching red cardinals play against the backdrop of white snow were highlights of the hike. 

Storrs Lake Segment of the IAT

View of Bowers Lake from the Trail.
Another view of Bowers Lake from the Trail.

Trailhead at the parking area on E Storrs Lake Road.

While this segment provides a pretty spot for a not too challenging walk, the hiker cannot help nut notice the sounds of traffic rushing up and down nearby Wisconsin State Highway 26. While this is a beautiful trail, for a truly peaceful hike, one must get a bit further off the beaten path.

That's all for now. Get outdoors, and keep our wild places wild!

Map of today's hike.
Aerial map showing Bowers Lake, for some reason the lake doesn't show up on the terrain map.

Trail Conditions - Well-blazed, nicely maintained trail. Partly sunny and 19°F (-7C).

Total Distance Covered -  3.8 miles (6.1 km) out and back.

Difficulty - Easy with lightly moderate hills.

Highlights -  First snow hike of the season. The trail follows Bowers Lake with nice views of the lake a good bit of the way.

Location - Parked at the trailhead parking area on North Bowers Lake Road at the Storrs Lake Wildlife Area.

Total Ice Age Trail Miles to Date - Total official trail distance completed 213.7 miles (341.9 km).

Amenities - No amenities. Parking areas at both ends of the trail on N Bowers Lake Road and E Storrs Lake Road.


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