Monday, August 8, 2016

Camping at Lake Kegonsa State Park

Lake Kegonsa State Park on Door Creek Road in Stoughton, Wisconsin provides a nice venue for family camping near Interstates 90 and 94 with close proximity to Madison, Wisconsin. With around 5 miles (8km) of well-maintained hiking trails, campground and beach playgrounds, a beach and pet beach, and a boat launch, there is enough easy going fun to keep our family busy for a weekend.

Nice weather is always a plus, and a weekend of no rain with sunny 80°F (27°C) days and 60°F (16°C) nights made for perfect camping weather on this outing. The wildflowers were some of summer's finest, I enjoyed them thoroughly on my 5 mile (8km) hike around the park. I also enjoyed spotting deer, turkey, butterflies, birds, waterfowl, and a hummingbird while hiking.

I've been wanting to try my hand at Movie Maker for some time now, and finally gave it a try. My first ever Movie Maker video shows a few highlights of the trip. Overall a nice, easy weekend in the sun. 

Our family paddle across across Lake Kegonsa to Door Creek included seeing a number of birds and plenty of turtles. On the Lake, many boats speeding about provided waves and a bit of annoyance when they motored too close for comfort. Door Creek, the quieter portion of the paddle, provided better enjoyment for all.

The beach, quite crowded but a necessary stop, allowed for some play time. There is a cement curb below the water in the swimming area which makes for a slippery and annoying obstacle, take care stepping over. Although overcrowded later in the day, the small beach proves peaceful and serene earlier in the morning.

Overall, Lake Kegonsa State Park proves a cute family weekend spot. This is not a park I'd want to spend a week at, there's not enough turf to explore. But for an easy going weekend, it fits the bill. That's all for now - get outdoors, and keep our wild places wild.

A hike around Lake Kegonsa State Park and a paddle to Door Creek.


Our menu for the weekend was about as dull as one could imagine. Aside from a big breakfast, not much to it, and not much time spent cooking.

Dinner:      Hotdogs with grapes, carrots, cucumbers and chips
Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, cheese, toast, jelly, clementines, bananas
Lunch:       More hotdogs with sides.

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