Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015 Boundary Waters Backcountry Menu Plan

Fire up the dehydrator Honey, we're going for a paddle! Nothing tops delicious, home-cooked meals in the outdoors. My biggest trip preparations these days revolve around camp eats. Demands include compact, lightweight, temperature resistant foods. Adding to the challenge, my husband likes spicy foods. He also needs protein. Our daughter still loves sweet, carby foods. I don’t eat sweets and prefer not to eat too many carbs. Given palates and constraints, for our August 2015 Boundary Waters Canoe Area trip, I planned and prepped our Boundary Waters menu.


Day 1 Camp Night
 At home
 On the road
Grilled Ham & Cheese, Grapes, Carrot Sticks
Day 2 Entry Day
Trail Mix
Beef Jerky
Cheese and Sausage Wrap, Apple w/Peanut Butter
Tortilla Pizza
Day 3
Pre- cooked Bacon, Oatmeal, Dried Fruit, & Nuts
Tuna and Cheese Wrap, Apple w/ Peanut Butter
Spagh-etti w/Corn
Day 4
Hash- browns, Bacon Bits,
Quesilla w/Salsa Packets, Apple w/ Peanut Butter
Chili & Fritos
Day 5
Pre- cooked Bacon, Oatmeal, Dried Fruit, & Nuts
Mac 'n Cheese, Apple w/ Peanut Butter
Beef Stroganoff w/Peas
Day 6
Pancakes, Pre- cooked Bacon
Gumbo w/Rice, Apple w/ Peanut Butter
Tacos & Black Beans
Day 7
Pre- cooked Bacon, Oatmeal, Dried Fruit, & Nuts
Knorr Noodles, Corn, Calico Beans
Tortilla Manwich
Day 8 Exit Day
Hash- browns, Bacon Bits
Granola bars, Jerky

Granola Bars Trail Mix, Cashews, Dehydrated Tropical Fruit Mix,  Beef Jerky, Marshmallows,Peanut M&Ms, Kid's Candy

Getting ready to perform magic -  packing all of this food into one blue barrel.
















Cook & Dehydrate at Home
Purchase & Pack
Tacos w/Black Beans
Oatmeal packets
Ketchup Packets, Nutella Packets, Salsa Packets, Jelly Packets, Honey Packets
Dehydrated Pineapple, Freeze Dried Peaches
Peanut butter
Meat sauce
Cooking oil (small empty shampoo travel bottle)
Pouch Foil Tuna
Precooked Bacon, Bacon Bits
Small Tub Butter
Dehydrated Hungry Jack Hashbrowns
Salt, Pepper, Cinnamon/Sugar, Crushed Red Pepper
Bean Dish w/Ground Beef and Bacon
Block Mozzerella cheese
Flour tortillas
Manwich Meat
Block cheddar cheese
Packet of pizza sauce
Spaghetti, Macaroni, Egg Noodles
Small Stick Sausage
Clif Bars, Larabars
Bag Peanut M&Ms
Purchase & Pack
Beef Jerky
Nature Valley Peanut Crunch Granola Bars, Oatmeal Raisin Granola bars
Single Serve Packets: Lemonade, Dry Lipton Soup, Cocoa, Gatorade, Mint Tea
Pizza Sauce Packet
Angel Hair Pasta, Egg Noodles,  Macaroni
Freeze Dried Peas and Corn
Mountain House Meals
Beef Jerky
Complete Pancake Mix
Kids Candy
Nuun Electrolyte Tabs

My shopping and food preparation list included foods cooked and dehydrated at home, foods purchased and repackaged, and a fine collection of fast-food condiment packets. To facilitate the food packing process, baggies of all sizes prove invaluable. One and two gallon baggies facilitate organization. A special baggie for snacks, another for breakfast foods, and so on, and a sharpie for special instructions and content identification provide convenience and organization. A perishable foods baggie (cheese, apples, and sausage) placed at the top of the barrel reminds me to serve these items early in the trip. In camp, small baggies will be used to preserve unfinished foods for the next snack, and will allow us to pack wet socks next to dry underwear. A two gallon baggie reinforced by a second two gallon baggie will serve as a handy pack-it-out trash bag for the week.

Do you have tips or meal plans you’d like to share?

I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below…

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