Thursday, November 27, 2014

Backcountry Gratitude, Thanksgiving 2014

Been a few disappointments this year. The most recent? Being laid off just before the holidays. But with rain comes rainbows, and there has been much to be thankful for this year. In honor of the day...

Spring 2014.

Last winter brought with it one of the longest cold snaps I can remember, we were thankful to get out camping after the cold broke. 

Nickajack Lake, June 2014.

I am thankful for wildlife sightings. They put the thrill into our outdoor adventures and keep our child happily coming back for more.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area, August 2014.

I am thankful time to bond with my family in the wilderness without the distractions of modern life.

Lake Kegonsa, May 2014.

Bluebirds were in abundance this year. I remember as a small girl learning they might soon be extinct. I am thankful to see them thriving.

Sylvania Wilderness, July 2014.
There is no sound more enticing than the call of loons across misty lakes. I am grateful to have seen and heard so many this year. 

Pope Lake, October 2014.

Autumn's colors were amazing this year. I am thankful for the beauty, the relief from summer's heat and humidty, and the lack of bugs during my favorite season for outdoor fun.

Governor Dodge State Park, October 2014.

I am really quite tickled the family is starting to like backpacking almost as much as I do. I am particularly thankful my daughter now carries her own pack like a champ.

Allen Lake, September 2014.

We enjoyed some amazing sunrises and sunsets. As the sun sets on this year's outdoor expeditions, I am grateful. Thankful, and looking forward to next year's adventures. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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